Dr. Eric Berg DC

Published on Aug 02, 2020
Discover more about ketosis when you take Dr. Berg's quiz! http://m.me/drericberg?ref=w4978435 "Hi Dr. Berg, My story begins when I turned 23. Went to the doctor because I was having lots of issues with my menstrual cycle. Saw 4 specialists and finally was told that I have a tumor in my head called an adenoma pituitary tumor. Tried several medications till they found one that has less side effects (almost all medications come with side effects). Now here we are 28 years later and my tumor is gone!!!! I started keto in October 2019 and I did a complete 180. I wiped out my kitchen and gave everything away. I bought everything “keto-friendly”. I had no excuse to eat better. I gave it 2 weeks and I lost 5 pounds!! Ever since then I kept going. That was 7-1/2 months ago. I started at 239 pounds and today I’m 197 that’s a whopping weight loss of 42 pounds!!! Yeah, of course, I have my cheat days but I just right back on the keto wagon and kept going. I take your supplements religiously and I wholeheartedly believe that doing keto and taking your supplements has removed the tumor from my head and has helped me stay on keto. I don’t crave really anything and I eat everything of course it has to be keto. I have a before and now picture. Very proud to say that it took the will, the want and the desire to want to change and feel better and I’m so proud of all the support from friends and family who have supported me through this life-changing journey. Thank you Dr. Berg for all your wealth of information in your videos!!! I share with all my friends and family." -Margaret G.